3 thoughts on “Ultracoin (UTC)”

  1. Under the head Miner Info, for ULTRACOIN (UTC) the chart is showing income per day ~ 0.32627072 BTC. This is really hard to believe as no other calculator portrays that such a high quantum of BTC can be mined within a day (at least through a single GPU rig)

  2. Timestamp for DIFF is 2014-07-28, but the admin is relaunching the site, the correct values will appear soon.

    Old values with today-prices…

    1. Where do you take the information from that the admin will update it? So far as i can see there is not much activity in the community and the ultracoin team. In my opinion they had a good thing going but lost focus and split up before the real rise of crypto currencies happened in June this year.

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