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  Name Symbol Last price  BTC Difficulty Nethashrate Total Coins Mined Block Blocktime Block reward1
KarmaCoin KARM n/a
n/a    (24/H)
n/a    (24/L)
48.79846190 (24/H)
3.93372420 (24/L)
1,661.4 Mh/s
3,746.9 Mh/s (24/H)
205.4 Mh/s (24/L)
92,000,000,000 0.36 % 250,577 60 seconds
Exchanges:   Yobit.net  
1 incl. bonus, based on actual block count
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Income per day (1 GH/s SCRYPT)1 RPC Port Connect Release Premined Go Solo? Trading Vol Chart 48h Snapshot Rating
26,748 Coins ( n/a)
9431 9432 2014/02/04  None 1.3 days
Expected time
per block solved
n/a realtime altcoin data and statistic page
1 experimental stage
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Includes Kimoto Gravity Well Algorithm, Scrypt based and 1 minute block targets using Gravity Well.

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Website: http://karmacoin.info/

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