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Aeternity - Token Data
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  Name Symbol Last price  BTC Last price  USD Last hour Last day Last week Market cap
Aeternity AE 0.00000416 BTC
0.00000444    (24/H)
0.00000235    (24/L)
0.086 USD
0.092    (24/H)
0.049    (24/L)
 0.00  0.00  0.00 100,664,904 USD
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Release Max. Token Circulating Supply Total Trading Volume 24h Feat. Exchange Volume Chart 48h Snapshot Rating
2016/12/29  n/a 377,025,792 AE 49,994,760 USD n/a realtime crypto token data and statistic page

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White Paper
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Aeternity is a new blockchain - designed for fast and secure smart contracts interfacing with real-world data via a decentralized oracle.

Scalability is achieved by using (trustless) Turing-complete state channels, a major difference to Ethereum. This way the smart contracts also become easier to analyze and more secure.

Aeternity tokens are used as payment for any resources one consumes on the platform, as well as the basis for applications implemented on the platform.

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