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Golem GNT 0.00001763 BTC
n/a    (24/H)
n/a    (24/L)
1.18 USD
n/a    (24/H)
n/a    (24/L)
 0.35%  -2.50%  2.88% 65,017,776 USD
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Release Max. Token Circulating Supply Total Trading Volume 24h Feat. Exchange Volume Chart 48h Snapshot Rating
2016/10/19  n/a 980,049,984 GNT 6,877,111 USD n/a realtime crypto token data and statistic page

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The Golem Network is an accessible-to-everyone, distributed, supercomputer that reduces costs (sometimes by over 10x) of scientific research, big data analysis, graphics rendering, machine learning, AI, etc.

Those who buy computational power off the Golem Network are called Requesters. All while bringing CPU cycles into the sharing economy so anyone with a computer can rent their computing power out on the Golem Network and make an automated income. These people are called Providers.

It also provides software developers and owners of software (including microservices & dApps) a decentralized medium for distributing and monetizing their software.

Software hosted on Golem network will never experience downtime, cannot be DDoS'd, and will usually be cheaper than running own servers.

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