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  Name Symbol Last price  BTC Last price  USD Last hour Last day Last week Market cap
Ethos BQX 0.00008656 BTC
n/a    (24/H)
n/a    (24/L)
2.59 USD
n/a    (24/H)
n/a    (24/L)
 1.51%  -0.44%  68.05% 301,604,800 USD
Exchanges:   Binance   Livecoin  
Release Max. Token Circulating Supply Total Trading Volume 24h Feat. Exchange Volume Chart 48h Snapshot Rating
2017/06/13  n/a 75,800,288 BQX 1,191,880 USD 98.52 BTC
Binance (24h)
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Ethos - Token Specifications / White Paper / Social Media

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White Paper
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The Ethos platform is designed to offer specific solutions for the New Economy:

An intuitive, self-custodied universal wallet that allows you to safely store, manage, leverage and further monetize your crypto assets in one place while maintaining complete control of your private keys.

A social trust ecosystem for choosing, sharing and navigating the ever-growing array of cryptocurrencies that unifies all of your financial assets to apply powerful investment models and structures to build your financial knowledge and and wealth.

A social gamification model that incentivizes crowd wisdom, and makes participating in the New Economy fun, social and rewarding while increasing your financial literacy.

Easy and safe diversification across digital and traditional assets

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